11/07/22 : I stayed in Grand Hyatt Hotel for 3 days and it was just amazing! On the first day (9th Jul), me and my family just hung out around the hotel, but it was boiling hot outside, so my parents decided to go out to a restraunt to smoke while me and my siblings stayed in the room and played games.
On the second day, I went swimming with my younger sister and we even went on a water slide which was really fun! After that, my parents took us out to the mall, there we bought a shirt and my sister played a crane game in which she got no prize sadly. We were really tired so we decided to head back to the hotel after my sister's game.
And on the third day (today), I woke up early to have breakfast in buffet and it was really delicious! After me and my siblings were done with breakfast, I went down to the pool to watch my younger sister while she swam, but after a while it got really hot so I asked my older sibling to watch her while I rested in the hotel room. At 2 o'clock, we checked out and headed out to get lunch, but decided to make it take away, since my grandma at home hadn't eaten yet. When I reached home I unpacked and decided to work on my site while watching TV.

23/07/22 : My mom planned a 70's disco themed party at my house, where 3 of my friends came, I'll call them A, R and O.
It was a bit quiet at the begining, but when A came I guess it got more lively you could call it, or I just enjoy her company the most. (i hope R and O don't see this ,_,) So we hung out until like 10-11pm and my friends thought the sparkling grape juice was wine. After R and O left, A ran into a teensy problem (I can't mention for privacy reasons) and I comforted her, to take her mind off we "danced" a little, by danced i mean did random weird moves in the corner near my room. Then at around 12-1 (I don't remember) A's sister came to pick her up and I said bye. Then I watched some TV until I got sleepy and went to my room to act like I'm sleeping while eating chips.

31/07/22 : today I went to shj ladies club, since no biological males were alowed, I could wear what I like. I wore a colorfull tank top, and even if it gave me a bit gender disphoria at the time, I was ok for the rest of the day since I was demi-girl for most of the time. I wanted to swim at the beach over there, but they were chargeing ridiculous amounts of money just to enter, so ofcourse I didn't. I wasn't so dissapointed though, since I got to iceskate for a full hour! We danced a bit over there, and we drank lemonde, ate icecream and some other things. Oh! Also my bestest friend, let's call her A, came the day before and we made pancakes!!

STEPS: 30th July - 15245, 31st July - 11245

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