07/11/22: alot of things happened since i last wrote. for example i started a a jewelry business and got am getting a good profit out of it. my now ex-bsf told me she cant be friends with me a few days back and even though it broke me, i feel relieved now as i felt ignored and mistreated by her for a while so im glad i got out of that and now have friends i can trust and who care about me.
also i started watching this show called 21,25 on netflix and god am i obsessed! theres something about drama x romance that really makes it exciting for me :D im also really hoping to go to the park with R since they couldn't come to my sisters birthday picnic yesterday. well that's all i think.. i have to get started with my homework!!

11/11/22: today i went to the book fair in the evening. i was planning to find some manga, any that i knew i would enjoy. i went to the manga section and found a yotsuba manga, but they only had vol 2 & 12, so after a while of searching for the 1st vol, i scrapped the idea of buying yotsuba, so instead i just looked for any manga that had the 1st vol, but then i stumbled upon a cardcaptor sakura manga, and I LOVE CARDCAPTOR SAKURA!! and it was the new series "clear card", so i just had to get it, even though they only had vol 6. the cover art was so pretty!
it made me so happy to be able to see cardcaptor sakura again, since i couldnt find "clear card" as an anime online.

14/11/22: we went on a school trip to an indoor themepark called "IMG" it was so fun! i dont have a friend group so i constantly changed between different friend groups, just trying to have fun! first i went to the spiderman roller coaster and it was so much fun! i dont remember much of it since it didnt leave a big impact on me :P then i went on this ride called "thor" and it basically like flips you forward and backwards. i felt like my brain was getting all mixed up at some point.                                                        NEXT PAGE