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 30/06/22: added home page with chat and update sections.

 01/07/22: added to do list, button and random stuff in main container.

 07/07/22: added diary page, removed poll.

 09/07/22: added favorites page.

 11/07/22: added diary entry and new poll.

 13/07/22: edited a few minor details and added friend's list (still empty).

 15/07/22: edited a few minor details, added navlink and quiz results page.

 17/07/22: gave the containers a dotted and dashed border, added divider under header, updated header into a more customised/personal one.

 18/07/22: added music player and fairydust for curser, edited error page aswell.

 19/07/22: made a page for my art and added a warning of the music on the index page.

 24/07/22: broke the site for a while, managed to fix it, editing homepage.

 25/07/22: new diary entry.

 27/07/22: edited about me page (hint to find it: among us).

 29/07/22: added floating text box, sweetdreams and tansring webrings.

 29/07/22: added self-insert webring, changed left sidebar color shade as someone mentioned it was too light, added raindrop text box, webring page, diary entry.

 02/08/22: edited text color in home page due to visitor complaints!

 03/08/22: made a main diary page to keep track of all diary pages! sorted by year and month

 05/08/22: new homepage since its kinda sus that one neocities user has a v similar layout to mine...

 07/08/22: editing a few things on home page and other pages (chnaged type of lace bg for the main container

 09/08/22: added affiliates box!

 14/08/22: ver. 1 of outfit journal is up on the diary folder page!

 15/08/22: NEW FONT!!

 16-17/08/22: SECRET PAGE!! TRY TO FIND IT :P!!! also ermerm yeah

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