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  [14/09/23]: tomorrow im going to meet my granny! she got me loads of snacks from philippines and i even bought a few charms from there which she's gtting for me!! yayy >:D
  [05/09/23]: today i studied history and geography for the first time EVURR!!! it was so interesting and honestly im pretty happy i chose those subjects as my electives :D hopefully i get a good mark on my work n everything EEEE >:0 btw i edited about me page! so check it out :P
  [03/09/23]: back from my 3 month long hiatus :,) going back to skool real soon!! just wanted yall to know the diary / journal page will most likely not be updated anymore :C
  [12/06/23]: new diary entry!! : Today is the last day of school!! I have so many things read more
  [12/06/23]: birth of new homepage!! super happy with how it came out, old homepage still viewable from here!