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new diary entry

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hello! :D welcome 2 my little site here on the world-wide web!! i use this site as a diary, journal and an overall method of self-expression! have a look around to get to know me a bit more :P but dont forget to leave me a little message in the chat box just to let meknow you passed by! safe travels :D
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my current obsession : G4 MLP

MLP just gives me so much happiness and warmth that i need. i even started a MLP collection but haven't been able to get that far honestly since G4 figures are suddenly REALLYYYY pricey :( so far, i have a brushable fluttershy and rainbowdash figures, 3 mini mlp ones, and some old figures i had since i was younger like baby G3.5 figures and a scratchable princess cadence figure that comes with detatchable hair, wings and tail. im currently trying to find a rainbowdash or fluttershy hoodie w wings BC LIKE WHY NOT?!?! also if any of you were wondering, my fav pony is FLUTERSHYYYY!!! i love her so much, from her personality to her design she is just so perfect.

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where to find me

@mysweetpiano.co (prv)
@flufflepops (main)
@bigfeetsoup (art)
@pufferstars (shop)


email: mysweetpiano.co@gmail.com (please don't spam/troll email me!)
about my sweet piano

My Sweet Piano (マイスウィートピアノ, Mai Sūīto Piano) is a Sanrio character, who debuted in 1976.
She is a female sheep whose charming point is her fluffy baby pink fur.
She was introduced as My Melody's friend.
Her birthday is on July 6th and her favourite food is meringue cookies. She loves picking flowers in the field and talking to My Melody.