new diary entry and outfit entry

new diary entry

commissions page is up! still a little wip but itll be done in no time!! and added a shadow to homepage links so its more visible!

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so if you individuals who found my site through a webring are wondering where THE HELL are my webrings since maybe you just want to go back to surfing the webrings or maybe you just want to get out of here! well uh.. here they are WEBRINGS! but why don't you look through some of my other pages?
about my sweet piano

My Sweet Piano (マイスウィートピアノ, Mai Sūīto Piano) is a Sanrio character, who debuted in 1976.
She is a female sheep whose charming point is her fluffy baby pink fur.
She was introduced as My Melody's friend.
Her birthday is on July 6th and her favourite food is meringue cookies. She loves picking flowers in the field and talking to My Melody.